Yawny's Digest
"All I see turns to brown" - R.Plant


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What is this shit?

Yawny's Digest is a limited-circulation "newsletter" and occasional meme engine. It is available free of charge via download, email delivery, or paper form via US postal mail.

How do I subscribe?

  1. Subscribe to Yawny's Digest Substack. -OR-
  2. Send an email to info@yawnysdigest.com asking to subscribe. -OR-
  3. DM @yawnysdigest on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Subscribers wanting a paper copy will obviously have to supply a mailing address.
  • Social media followers will see announcement of publication of new issues, as well as occasional memes not included in Yawny's Digest.

If it's free, why do you beg for contributions?

Stamps cost money. Patrons typically contribute anywhere from $5 to $30, and receive (in addition to a lifetime subscription):

  • shout-out in the newsletter
  • tax write-off opportunity
  • personal satisfaction gained from supporting a "creative" endeavor

Do you accept written material for publication?